Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Crimson Skies - 1st Element of the 29th Maritime Province Air Force Squadron "The Sea Wolves"

Crimson Skies is probably my favorite miniature wargame. Although it has been out of production for almost 15 years, it aged well and when I introduce new players to the game, almost every one is charmed by the game. It has its problems, no 3D, the firing and damage phase that takes a lot of time, but hey, so does the Battletech damage phase (ever resolve the damage of an X LRM?).

My two favorite factions are Québec, or the République of Québec (my appelation) and the Maritime Provinces. Here are 6 planes that I painted in the color of one of the best known squadron of the MPAF.

Close up fo the lead wing (Boeing Sandhiil and Grumman Avenger)
Close up of Wing 1 (Grumman Sandhill and Avenger)
Close up of Wing 2 (Farichild Brigand and McDonnell Kestrel)
Side beatuy shot.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Here we go

This is going to be a simple blog about my projects past and present and a personal motivational tool in order to make me work thrugh my lead/plastic mountain.

I collect everything about Crimson Skies (the FASA board game) and I am a big Blood Bowl fan, even had the honour of beeing named one of the 50 most important member of the community during the LRB 6 / CRP war.

I addition I am trying to start on Frostgrave, Rogue Star and my go to game for modern/Sci-Fi is Five Core.

I hope to be able to post regularly, but a demading job and a young family is hard on a hobbyist life.

Let us hope that we are going to enjoy the ride.